Episode 6

Published on:

25th Nov 2020

S1E06 - Eric Siu: Podcast Marketing and Reaching 1.2 Million Downloads per Month With a Daily Podcast

In this episode, we have Eric Siu, the Owner of Single Grain, a multimillion-dollar digital marketing agency that he bought for just $2. Eric doesn't just help his agency clients with content marketing, he actually practices what he preaches.

As a veteran podcaster with over 2000 episodes recorded, he is the host of the Leveling Up podcast, interviewing entrepreneurs and savvy marketers, as well as co-host of the daily podcast Marketing School: Sharing unconventional marketing wisdom with fellow marketing guru, Neil Patel. Starting off Leveling Up with 9 downloads a day for the first year to 30, and now 100k downloads per month, Eric knows perseverance like no other, going through a harsh podcasting journey to get to where he is now.

Major points:

  • Eric's strategies for growth hacking, marketing and repurposing your podcasts
  • What Single Grain did to land a $800,000/year deal for the daily show Marketing School
  • How to leverage relationships from your podcast to become leads for your business and build a community around your brand

In the FREE bonus episode, Eric talks about the power of one-person media companies, building a community through online events and how a podcast benefits from keyword ranking. Just sign up to the premium feed on Supercast by going here!


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  • 2:35 Taking control of his career: How Eric Siu started in internet marketing
  • 3:53 How Eric Siu saved Single Grain
  • 5:31 "If I can save this company, I can do anything"
  • 8:50 The Single Grain collection of different businesses
  • 10:27 Starting the Leveling Up and Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel
  • 12:48 Single Grain gets 15% of its clients from podcasting
  • 13:55 How Eric helps his podcast guests and interviewing angles
  • 15:23 Eric's podcast audience and the peer group
  • 16:48 Alley-Ooping relationships and getting clients from your podcast
  • 18:20 Eric Siu's growth hacks for marketing podcasts
  • 20:45 Hacks can get you banned in podcasting
  • 21:48 How Eric repurposes his podcasts
  • 22:53 "SEO and content marketing is 50% of our customers"
  • 24:35 $800,000 a year for Marketing School and other podcast income streams
  • 26:57 If you want to monetize your show, find out what your audience needs
  • 28:22 Gauge their interest level and looking at competitors


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