Episode 4

Published on:

13th Nov 2020

S1E04 - Scott Smith: How I Earned $88,000 in 20 Minutes Through Daily Podcasting

In this episode, we talk with Scott Smith, an entrepreneur, creator, and former top 40 DJ who's an expert in converting free listeners to a paid podcast. He is the Chief Motivating Officer of Motivation to Move, a self-help podcast that provides daily 9-minute coaching on the mindset and habits that create happiness, success, and the life you desire.

Launched in 2006 Scott's show Daily Boost has received over 47 million total downloads. His paid product, Daily Boost Premium, provides even more value for his most engaged listeners.

We talked about:

  • Converting free listeners to paid members through special offers
  • Marketing funnels to drive listeners into an email list
  • Getting $88,000 in 20 minutes
  • How Scott grew to 47 million total downloads in his podcast



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  • 1:46 How Scott Smith went from freelance to podcasting
  • 3:40 Getting listeners in 2005
  • 5:55 Jumping from broadcast to podcast, and personality
  • 8:00 Going deep: Scott's membership site
  • 9:28 Launching in 2006, and the terminal diagnosis
  • 11:08 The motivation to start again
  • 13:34 Podcasts are intimate and about the listener
  • 14:52 "If you're gonna overtake the island, burn the ship"
  • 17:34 Growing memberships: you don't need a ton of listeners to make money
  • 19:31 How to get people to pay you through special offers
  • 21:45 The psychology behind a product vs. membership
  • 23:23 Cancel rate vs. sales rate for memberships
  • 24:32 Learning Scott's marketing funnels for his podcast
  • 28:11 Driving 1800 opt ins a month through other parts of the funnel
  • 29:44 Advanced segmenting and other techniques
  • 32:57 The evolution of Scott Smith's products through themes
  • 35:41 Getting $88,000 in 20 minutes
  • 38:21 Planning out 10,000 episodes' worth of content
  • 41:43 Reacting to audience rotation
  • 42:56 Building automations as a solo podcaster
  • 45:12 How Supercast helps with Scott Smith's membership program
  • 46:54 If Scott were to start over


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