Episode 12

Published on:

24th Mar 2021

S1E12 - Ologies’ Alie Ward on reaching 50 Million Downloads by treating scientists like rock stars

In this episode, we have Alie Ward as a guest! Alie is a science journalist and host of Ologies, a  smart, fun science podcast filled with bizarre stories and science knowledge from many different fields (or -ologies!).

She is also the Daytime Emmy Award-winning science correspondent for CBS’s "The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca,” and host of “Did I Mention Invention?” on the CW.

Reaching 50 million downloads on Ologies, we reached out to talk about:

  • Building a  science podcast with the audience, and how they get involved
  • Turning scientists into rockstars and tackling anti-science sentiment
  • Misconceptions about scientists and the adventures they have
  • Why Alie recommends starting a paid membership from the beginning
  • Smart ways to involve the audience so they go from passive listeners to fully invested (and paying) subscribers!



  • 2:16 Describing Ologies to the high school teacher
  • 3:57 Starting Ologies independent from networks
  • 5:17 Ology's listening stats
  • 6:19 Ology listeners choose to have fun and do some lifelong learning
  • 6:46 "There is science in everything"
  • 7:52 How Alie Ward sustains the show through paid membership and ads
  • 9:47 Choosing where the money goes, and the art of giving back
  • 11:06 Who are the listeners? Alie Ward describes the Ologites
  • 13:05 Turning scientists into rockstars and the battle against anti-science sentiment
  • 16:02 Scientists have adventures, and the academic ivory tower
  • 17:01 Building the podcast with the audience: How Alie Ward started Ologies
  • 19:07 You don't have to build your show alone
  • 21:30 People who will support you will support you from the start
  • 23:11 What are you giving to your supporters for $5 a month?
  • 24:02 What Alie would do differently with paid memberships
  • 25:41 What's next for Ologies

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  • The power of establishing a strong relationship with the listener from the very beginning
  • The fear of throwing all of ourselves into our passions
  • Taking risks, and getting permission as a creator

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